Frequently Asked Questions

What is Association Power?

Association Power (AP) is an electricity aggregation located in the state of Texas that brings customers, in deregulated areas, together to give increased size and clout needed to effectively negotiate with retail electric providers.

What is aggregation?

Aggregators are entities that assemble customers together to seek better deals than customers could get on their own.  An aggregator may not take title to electricity except in very limited circumstances.  Aggregators work with members and negotiate for them to obtain the best deal possible.

Why should my business join Association Power?

Association Power brings expertise and a proven track record with unique assets that can benefit your business.  AP knows that aggregation works, and knows how to do it to maximize the benefits.

What are the costs to join?

Upon receipt of a completed Membership Agreement and associated membership documents, Association Power will produce an invoice for payment of membership dues in the amount of $30 per meter for the first 100 meters and $15 for each meter over 100. This is a one-time fee. Once contracts are in place, your monthly bills will include an aggregation fee in an amount equal to 1.35% of your total bill before tax. This fee may be expressed as a per-kilowatt-hour charge and will be a separate line item on your bill each month.

What experience does Association Power have with deregulation and power supply contract procurement?

The President of AP was instrumental in the passage of Senate Bill 7 which deregulated electricity during the 76th Legislature. The same provisions that local governments are able to use to form aggregate groups were applied to the private sector which allows businesses to realize significant savings.

How do I benefit by joining AP in the middle of a contract cycle?

New members get the benefit of competitively-bid contracts that have been through a highly leveraged contract negotiation process producing strong terms that are designed to protect our members. Additionally, new members enjoy having their energy load competed between our two contracted suppliers, even though they were not in the original procurement. This allows them to get the best kWh price available at the time of joining.

Will Association Power present to our Board of Directors or other decision-making body?

Association Power is happy to present to your governing bodies both before and after becoming a member. We encourage our members to be well informed.

Can residents purchase power through AP?

No. Association Power can only buy power for businesses. AP is not set-up to accommodate the power needs of residential customers.